Since you’re on Facebook now and saw this, you might as well read it


Before I start, I’d like you try this small experiment. When you’re walking on the road, just once, unplug your earphones, keep your gadgets in your bag, look up, and walk.

I bet you faced at least one of these circumstances.

1. You were suddenly very aware of your surroundings. As silly as it sounds, you felt as though you’ve woken up from a dream to a little too much happening around you. – I know, vehicles zooming past you and people walking along side you can cause panic.

2. You noticed a small (surprisingly, resourceful) store at the end of a street you zoomed past every single day, and wondered how long it’s been there.

3. If you had to cross a road, you hesitated at least for a few seconds, because, let’s accept it, earphones plugged in with loud music make it so much easier to achieve a herculean task!

Keeping in check the threat of sounding ‘ancient’ and ‘clichéd’, I can’t help but be amused by how gadgets have made us their slaves. That’s right, I did say we are its slaves. If you think about it, a large chunk of our conversations happen on a device. When we think about someone, the first thing we remember is their latest Facebook, Instagram or Twitter profile picture – so much so that we almost fail to recognise them when we meet them in person (Oh and blame the photo effects on every phone that make us look supernaturally attractive!). And, we share the best and worst moments of our life, even something as trivial as, “I jumped across a pothole today, Yay!’ or ‘I slammed the phone on my boyfriend now. *Feeling angry*’, online. (P.S. I bet when each of you reads such a status, you have Uncle Scrooge saying, “Bah! Humbug!” in your head).

I believe we’ve all successfully come to a stage where, when we are sitting across someone and actually listening to what the other person is saying (Oh! The horror of it!), we’ll be judged as friendless, lifeless, ill-read (Seriously, you just missed an entire minute of twitter news feed), and boring person.

So, bearing in mind the threat of sounding like my Grandma (again), I think we should keep aside our gadgets at least for an hour a day and take in reality (in all its beauty). (Now, don’t act smart and tell me you can do that when you’re asleep. I mean when you’re wide awake). When you do something as simple as sit on the beach and listen to the waves gushing to and fro or, share a smile with a stranger on the road, an unbelievable sense of contentment fills within you. And that, my friend, even your smartest, closest to human emotion gadget cannot give.

And, for all that you’ve lost in the artificial world in that hour, just call Google. They’ll give you enough and more information about what your friends are upto.

Finally, for all those who haven’t seen it yet, check out this beautiful video that pretty much encapsulates all that I’ve ranted on about, in this post.



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